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Winslow's BBQ
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I didn't even realize Winslow's was on the rewards program when we went there for lunch--one of the very few times I've gone to a "non-rewards" restaurant (or so I thought). We went because we had a promotional discount coupon & the location was convenient to where we happened to be at the time. The restaurant is under new, locally owned management. I went there one other time, years & years ago, & was lukewarm about the food--average, at best, as BBQ goes. But the new menu, under the new owners was an eye-opener! I LOVE spicy food, & so couldn't resist the "fire-marinated" pork sandwich on "jalapeno bread, w/ a specially requested "side" of habanero BBQ sauce! All accompanied by a generous sweet potato fries "side dish" that was more than enough for our party of 3. The fries were fabulous, best I've tasted, by far. The "spicy" pork sandwich, was, likewise, one of the best BBQ dishes I've ever tasted! And the prices are quite reasonable. They have a reasonably priced wine/beer list with an adequate, but not laborious, selection; we opted for a pitcher of "Moose Drool" dark lager (for 3 of us) & it was the perfect accompaniment for the meal! This quickly became my favorite BBQ place in K.C.--obviously against some pretty stiff competition. Imagine my delight to learn that Winslow's is on the rewards plan. Rest assured, we will be back. Again, & again! And we have already started recommending it to all our friends & family.
5.0 out of 5